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Creative developer with more than 5 years of professional experience, providing high-quality responsive websites. I have been working with clients from around the world, aiming to improve the user experience through design thinking, collaboration and accesible code.

I develop fast interactive interfaces, using the latest technologies, methods and tools to save time in development. I work closely with server side developers to integrate front-end templates into a variety of CMS solutions.

In my past experience, I had the opportunity to collaborate with UX / design teams and obtain an eye for detail and appreciation for design. I also feel comfortable joining meetings with clients or stakeholders and receive feedback directly.

Front-end web development is a constantly evolving field and I work hard to keep myself up to date with the latest technologies and trends. If you want to find out more about me, have a look at my work or get in touch.

Technical skills

  • Javascript (ES6)
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Gulp / Grunt
  • Jasmine, Karma
  • React
  • Git / SVN
  • Web APIs
  • Contentful
  • Episerver, Wordpress
  • Mac / Windows
  • Sketch, Adobe CC

/ Latest Projects

aklamio - Referral marketing solutions


I am currently working on the company’s whitelabel product used by clients around the world.

Clients: Vodafone, Paypal, Tado, Unitymedia and more

Company: aklamio

Technologies: HTML, Sass, JS, Gulp, React, RoR, Jasmine, Contentful

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editando - Editing and proofreading services


Designed and developed a small static website for scientific writing services. It's currently being refactored using Gatsby and Contentful.

Client: Personal project

Technologies: HTML, Sass, BEM, Gatsby, React, Contentful

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Expedia - Visit Florida

Expedia - Visit Florida

Single page campaign web app for Expedia using the Expedia search API.

Client: Expedia

Agency: Realise

Technologies: HTML, Sass, JS, Expedia API, handlebars.js, Grunt

Travel photo journal

Travel photo journal website

Designed and developed a photo journal website for my trip in SE Asia. All the code is on Github.

Client: Personal project

Technologies: HTML, Sass, Jquery, Grunt, photoswipe, moment.js, masonry, leaflet.js

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TSB website

Worked onsite with the client and 2 more agencies for the new public site of TSB Bank. It involved a lot of prototyping and user testing driven development. It was a challenging 9 month project based in London and done in Agile. Read more about my experience working with large teams in Agile, here.

Client: TSB

Agency: Realise

Technologies: HTML, Css, JS, Gulp, Jira, Episerver

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Expedia - See Sydney

Expedia - See Sydney website

One page campaign website for Expedia, promoting a twitter competition. The website is using a lot of interactive elements, css animations and the Google Maps API.

Client: Expedia

Agency: Realise

Technologies: HTML, Sass, JS, scrollmagic, Bootstrap, Grunt, Google Maps API

HP Engage

HP Engage website

Created front end components for the HP Engage website (now owned by Open text).

Client: HP

Agency: Realise

Technologies: HTML, Less, JS, skrollr, handlebars.js, Grunt

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Clients I've worked with:

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If you'd like to talk about a website you want help with, just drop me a message at v.tsirimokos@gmail.com. I'm currently available for small projects.

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